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Consumer Report on Beef Jerky

Have you had a taste of Wild West Jerky and compared it to major retail brands? Order some today and let us know how you would rate Wild West Jerky. Recent consumer reports proven jerky to be a great snack and one of the latest and greatest secrets to good health. Watch the following “Consumer Report” video for a Fox News review.

Is Wild West Jerky a healthy snack?

Not only is it healthy. It can also provide you with a boost of sustained energy! Many customers would agree that Wild West Jerky is a convenient healthy snack, great for health buffs that are always on the go. Have you ever wondered why your buddies that you are hiking with are always out hiking you? They might just have a bag of Wild West Jerky in their pouch that they are gnawing on.

According to “Ask Men: Become a Better Man”, men should consume one gram of protein per 2.2 pounds of body weight.  A 180-pound man should get about 82 grams of protein in his diet each day. Wild West Beef jerky contains around 150 calories and five grams of fat, but delivers a whopping 28 grams of protein per serving.

Have you ever craved a nice moist lightly flavored piece of jerky? Well, this is one of those rare cravings that is actually good for your body. Our bodies often crave good foods and beef jerky can be one of those foods because of the packed protein. The inexpensive jerky you can buy in convenient stores is often loaded with salt. I’m talking about premiere Wild West Jerky! Get some now!



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Chances are, you’ve seen plenty of jerky signs dotting Utah’s scenic byways. If you’ve happened to frequent one of the purveyors of Nephi’s Wild West Jerky on a roadtrip to southern Utah, you know then that sometimes it’s the jerky stops that make the trip, more so than the destination. Wild West Jerky offers premium, tried-and-true flavor recipes like sweet-pepper pork, jalapeño buffalo, mesquite elk or even barbecue deer. Wild West Jerky has a cured game soaked with flavor to match every palate.
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