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The Health Benefits Of Buffalo Jerky Meat

Often times people ask us here at Wild West Jerky what the health benefits of buffalo jerky are. I think you may be surprised how healthy Buffalo Jerky is for you? Did you know there are some great health benefits for those who eat buffalo? Buffalo jerky is rich in flavor with a slightly sweeter taste [...]

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Turkey Jerky

Wild West Turkey Jerky offers jerky lovers a leaner and meaner choice for a substitute for pork jerky and beef jerky. Our turkey jerky is known as the best turkey jerky in the West! We offer a variety of flavors from our Natural Turkey Jerky flavor from all natural premium USA made turkey breast with [...]

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August Jerky Sales

Our jerky sales here at Wild West Jerky were a smash hit this summer. We enjoyed all the great value we were able to deliver in June, July and August. August is one of our favorite times of the year here at Wild West Jerky. Here are our current jerky sales being offered for August [...]

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Summer Sundays at Park Silly Market

Wild West Jerky loves spending our Sundays in the summertime up in Park City at the Park Silly Farmers Market. We encourage our customers to come out to the Park Silly Farmers Market in downtown Park City Utah and say Hello to us. No Market August 7 or August 14 There will be no Park [...]

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Upcoming Hunts In Utah

Wild West Jerky provides game processing for those who are needing these services in Utah and the surrounding areas of the Rocky Mountain area. Below we have provided a list of hunts that are coming up. If you are needing game processing in Utah, contact us here at Wild West Jerky! Upcoming August Hunts - [...]

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Summer Sales on Buffalo and Elk Jerky

Nothing goes better together than summer and jerky! It's healthy snack that's loaded with protein and help to replenish the body after a hard day of working, camping, hiking, or conquering a face  of mountain. Buffalo Jerky favorites When's the last time you had an awesome bag of Jalapeno Buffalo Jerky? What... Never?! Today is [...]

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Our Hollywood Jerky Journey Adventures

Hollywood California Jerky Journey from Wild West Jerky offers a little bit of history regarding Hollywood's depiction of the ol' Wild West. Wild West Jerky finally made it to Hollywood and as our Instagram shows, we had a blast while in Hollywood. We explored the Hollywood Boulevard on our #jerkyjourney!

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The Las Vegas Jerky Experience

Wild West Jerky's Las Vegas Variety Package Promotions offer our loyal jerky lovers a value in our current Las Vegas Jerky Packages - The Gambler - The Showman - The Cowboy. Las Vegas Nevada has always held a special place for us here at Wild West Jerky. With such a rich history of wild west [...]

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Jerky For Those Providing Services

Our Military Jerky Pack and our Missionary Jerky Pack are designed to offer thanks to those who give service for us. Wild West Jerky offers a variety of different packages for those providing services with their country or with their religion. Send your loved ones who are currently serving our country in the military [...]

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The Best In The West

Explore the incredible value Wild West Jerky offers with our sales on jerky products including sales on elk jerky, buffalo jerky, beef jerky!! Delicious!!! - We even have some smoked salmon on sale now.   Wild West Jerky is quickly becoming one of the most popular jerky products in the United States. With all the [...]

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