Is Jerky Gluten-Free?

Is jerky gluten-free? Short answer: it depends.

As society evolves and food intolerances or dietary restrictions have become more frequent, many people are opting for gluten-free living. This means no wheat products of any kind, you would be surprised at how many items have gluten!

Gluten is particularly popular in highly processed food, like snack cakes, granola bars, protein bars, crackers and chips. In recent years, there have been many companies developed that devote their mission to creating exclusively gluten-free products. Currently, over 30% of America either eats gluten-free or avoids it when possible. It can be difficult to navigate eating gluten-free, but luckily most GF products are marked with the GF symbol, similar to the Kosher marking.

Many people assume that jerky is gluten-free, because it is typically a dehydrated meat product. However, highly processed jerky produced by big box chains and stores can often contain gluten as a byproduct of their processing and flavoring. Small jerky manufacturers have much more control of the quality of their product and the ingredients they use, so if you are searching for a gluten-free jerky snack, you are much more likely to find it shopping small or local.

Wild West Jerky produces jerky made from quality cuts of meat, using only the best ingredients sourced right from America. Our products are not only gluten-free, but contain even more flavor than the processed jerky found from the big manufacturers. We strive to keep our jerky as all natural as possible, while still packing a flavor punch.

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