The Best Adventure Snack: Jerky

You're hiking miles up a mountain and suddenly your stomach is rumbling, but there's one problem: you didn't pack any snacks for your adventure! NOTHING is worse than being stuck out on the top of a mountain or middle of a lake starving. Snacks are adventure essentials, but some snacks are superior to others. 

Jerky is an adventuring snack staple that packs a protein punch and keeps you fueled for long hikes, walks, bike rides, or just grabbing on the go. Jerky is jam packed with protein and other vitamins/minerals, making it the best go-to grab-n-go.

Wild West Jerky has a variety of jerky types so you will never get bored of having the same snack when you're out and about. You can just toss it in your back pack and head out! No worrying about refrigeration, expiration, crumbs in your backpack, or it rotting in the heat. Our jerky truly is a worry-free snack that will keep you fueled for hours of adventuring!

Our jerky is made right in the United States, with an all-natural ingredient promise. We stand by our ingredients and manufacturing so you can feel confident that your on-the-go snack is good for energy and your body.

Next time you're gearing up for an outdoor (or indoor!) adventure, make sure to pack your Wild West Jerky!

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