Elk Snack Sticks from Wild West Jerky are premium quality elk meat snack sticks. Have you tried the Elkeroni Elk Snack Sticks? What you say? You haven’t? Well you’re just in luck! Wild West Jerky we has our Summer Sizzlin Elk Jerky Sales and Specials going on right now in the heart of July.

You can get a 1lb. bag of the most tastiest Elk Snacks Sticks for just $24.00.

Elkeroni Promo

We also just launched our new jerky website dedicated to Elkeroni Elk Jerky Snack Sticks. Elkeroni Jerky is so tasty, it truly deserves it’s own website. And we encourage you to check out Elkeroni.com for information on all the amazing ways you can enjoy Elk Jerky on your #jerkyjourney.

When it comes to outdoor adventures, Wild West Jerky encourages you to have fun, be bold and create memorable experiences with friends and family while gettin down with our delicious elk jerky snack sticks.

More Sales On Elk Jerky Meat

There are always plenty of Elk Jerky Sales going on here at Wild West Jerky. Combine our delicious flavors such as our Mesquite Elk Jerky on sale now and our Peppered Elk Jerky which is also an Elk Jerky that is on sale throughout July 2016.


Elkeroni Elk Jerky Snack Sticks offer a delicious source of protein, perfect for outdoor adventures.

  • Day Hike Adventures
  • Camping Trips
  • Road Trips Across the USA
  • Rock Climbing
  • Fishing Trips