Enjoy our Jerky Sales taking place in February 2016. With Wild West Jerky’s Jerky Sales, we always do our best to insure the top quality sales for our customers on their Jerky Journey.

We are having a blast here at Wild West Jerky this February. Since the new year started Wild West Jerky has committed 110% in sustaining our vision of The Best Jerky In The West. You might have seen us at local events in the Western United States. We are showing up at shows in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California, Idaho and all in the Spirit of The Wild West. As we focus on always perfecting our dry rub recipes, Wild West Jerky passes the value on to our loyal Jerky Jonsers.

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Enjoy our ONLINE JERKY PROMOTIONS and expand your jerky journey.

Guns, Golf and The Wild West

We’ve been spending a lot of time at the Gun Shows and some amazing time at some Golf Shows. Find our jerky in the Wild West. For the finest jerky meats from Elk Jerky, Buffalo to Alaskan Salmon, Wild West Jerky invites you to join us on our jerky journey! We’ll be at the Western Hunting and Conservation Expo in Salt Lake City celebrating Valentines Day with all our Jerky Lovers!

During Valentine’s Day and President’s Day Wild West Jerky will be celebrating with amazing promotions set across our online jerky store.