Explore the Wild West with our bold flavors of jerky. Wild West Jerky embraces the Jerky Journey. Here at Wild West Jerky, we focus on delivering the best quality jerky meat with the most flavor we can produce, quality full flavor. We only use the most quality ingredients in each and every one of our jerkies flavors.

Natural Flavored Jerky

Experience Our Wild West Jerky Jerky Journey beginners guide. Here we begin with our Natural Flavored Jerky. Enjoy Wild West Jerky’s Natural Flavored jerky meat products. Our natural flavored jerky meats offer the simple pleasures of a delicious jerky tear. I always throw at least one natural jerky in the bag, because sometimes we all crave the delicious taste of an Elk Jerky.

Have you tried our many incredibly amazing flavors?

From here, Wild West Jerky has our Lemon Pepper and find out why our customers keep coming back to Wild West Jerky for our Cracked Pepperjerky products. Now, both these flavors hold just the right Zing! And keep you’re mouth watering for the next bite.

Wild West Jerky’s variety of flavors feature layers of delicious intriguing tastes, we focus on delivering in our jerky. Our Sweet Pepper flavors delivers a nice full flavor, that is bold and robust.

With Wild West Jerky’s diverse BBQ flavors, you can take your BBQJerky To New Level.With Honey BBQ sweetening your adventure along the way.

Jalapeno – Wild West Jerky’s Jalapeno Jerky flavor gives you a bold and beautiful kick to your jerky journey. The fiery flavor of our jalapeno jerky flavor is exactly what this Wild West flavor represents. This flavor is complimentary to a variety of different meats we offer.

Teriyaki The amount of pride Wild West Jerky takes in creating our delicious Teriyaki Marinade for our Wild West Jerky Teriyaki Flavored Jerky Meats – You are going to love it! Combining our deep respects the traditional asian style teriyaki and kicked it up with a little bit of the Wild West! – There is a reason it is the best teriyaki jerky in the West!

Explore Wild West Jerky’s Mesquite flavored jerky and experience the smoked woodsy taste of the true Wild West.