Happy New Year from Wild West Jerky! Here at Wild West Jerky we are ringing in the new year with some fantastic New Year Jerky Promotions. Get some of the Best Jerky In The West and enjoy your new year, keeping your belly warm and your body strong with our high quality jerky meats.

January 2016 Jerky Promotions

January 10th Wild West Jerky wants to keep our customers bellies warm this winter and so we are offering our 2016 Winter Wanderer Jerky Package. This package includes a variety of different meats and flavors. We feature our Honey BBQ, Teriyaki Jerky and our Cajun Jerky flavors.

January 1st To ring in the new year, Wild West Jerky is offering the following jerky packages.

The 2016 New Year Jerky Package! The New Year Jerky Package has a delicious variety of jerky meats and flavors packaged together. We included a little bit of spice to keep your belly warm during the month of January. This package includes 1 natural flavored beef jerky, 1 natural flavored elk jerky, 1 cracked pepper buffalo jerky, 1 BBQ pork jerky, 1 Mesquite turkey jerky, 1 Mesquite Beef Jerky, 1 Cajun Style elk jerky, 1 lemon pepper venison jerky. Enjoy this New Year Jerky Package this month for only $40.00

The Super Bowl Jerky Package The Super Bowl Jerky packaged is designed with your party in mind. It’s Super Bowl 50 and it’s taking place in Santa Clarita California. Imagine the possibilities of flavor you can bring to your Super Bowl party with our Super Bowl Jerky Package. This Super Bowl Jerky Package includes the following:

1 – 2 ounce natural flavored beef jerky
1 – 2 ounce wild caught salmon jerky
1 – 2 ounce Cracked pepper elk jerky
1 – 2 ounce BBQ turkey jerky
1 – 2 ounce Mesquite venison jerky,
1 – 2 ounce Mesquite beef Jerky,
1 – 2 ounce Cajun Style beef jerky,
1 – 2 ounce lemon pepper pork jerky.

We are offering a beef jerky sampler package. If you are interested in a 4 (2 ounce) pack beef jerky sample for $20.00, shop now.