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Explore the best jerky in the West with Wild West Jerky and our Spring Jerky Sales for 2017.Jerky Sales for Spring 2017 at Wild West Jerky include the following jerky sales. We have plenty of amazing jerky sales to expand your exploration of a variety of different meats.

Spring 2017 Jerky Sales

Our Winter Best Seller, the Peppered Elk Jerky is on sale in our 2 Pound Bag. Take advantage of the delicious flavor of our cracked pepper, sea salt and garlic with our premium elk jerky meat.

Another popular item on sale with our Spring Jerky Sales is our delicious Smoked Salmon, smoked in 100% natural hickory.

Purchase a 2 pound of Wild West Mesquite Beef Jerky for only $78.00. That is an incredible deal for a delicious Beef Jerky flavor and a #1 seller here at Wild West Jerky. 

Our Mesquite Turkey Jerky and our Cracked Peppered Turkey Jerky is currently on sale and we also will be offering a Variety 1 pound Turkey Jerky package for only $40.00. This is just the greatest thing to come to Wild West Jerky since the Wild West was discovered!

New Year Jerky Sales

Wild West Jerky Sales expand in 2017 with incredible deals on select jerky products. In January Wild West Jerky is offering the following Jerky Sales to start out 2017.

The best jerky sales for 2017 are available here at Wild West Jerky. Our jerky sales include our January Featured Jerky which is Elk Jerky. We will have some great sales on our 2 POUND Elk Jerky Variety pack starting January 10th, 2017.

2 Pound Elk Jerky Variety Pack from Wild West Jerky. The perfect addition for your next adventure on your #jerkyjourney.

Celebrate the New Year with Wild West Jerky’s Elk Salami offering the best in elk salami from Wild West Jerky.

Update on the holiday sales on jerky currently taking place here at Wild West Jerky in November of 2017. We just released a 1 Pound Mesquite Flavored Buffalo Jerky Bag that is on sale here at Wild West Jerky. Purchase this 1 Pound Mesquite Buffalo Bag for only $42.00 right now at Wild West Jerky.

We are looking forward to the Sundance Film Festival coming to Park City, Utah in 2017. New Year Jerky Sales for 2017 include specials at our Park City Utah location for the Sundance Film Festival and the Slamdance Film Festival. Stop by our shop during the festival and mention our online special to receive $20.00 off your Film Festival Jerky Order.

Holiday Jerky Sales Begin At Wild West Jerky

It’s November 6th and Wild West Jerky has some mighty fine jerky sales coming up for the month of November. Explore Wild West Jerky’s Holiday Jerky Sales and take advantage of the jerky sales listed below.


Wild West Jerky is having a fantastic time kicking off our November Jerky Sales for 2016. Halloween was a BLAST yet as the cold winds kick in on the old Wild West Front is time we BEEF UP our Jerky Sales with some Beef Jerky Sales taking place right here, right now at Wild West Jerky. You really have to see them to believe these jerky sales.

Our 2 Pound Beef Jerky Variety Package is on sale as part of our November Beef Jerky Sales. Explore this 2 Pound Beef Jerky Pack and all the varieties of delicious flavors we have available for only $78.00. We also have the 1 Pound Bag of Natural Beef Jerky on sale now for only $40.00. I thought I should mention this because it’s a popular seller.


Get up and Get down with Wild West Jerky’s Halloween Jerky Sales. These delicious jerky sales are aimed at lots of love during the ol’ spooky time of the year. So, ‘get down to some jerky sales.

October Jerky Sales are currently available here at Wild West Jerky. Take advantage of our current sales created on October 1st, 2016. Starting with our sales on our Beef Jerky. We are featuring Beef Jerky in October and we are also featuring three of our favorite flavors. The jerky flavors we will be featuring with our October Jerky Sales are Cracked Pepper Jerky, Mesquite Jerky and our Natural Flavored Jerky.