The reason we use a good dry rub is it is more boastful and flavoring rather than the commercial expedited soaks. Dry rub gives more flavorization. Our dry rubs were perfect through many years of trial and error. Our base ingredients are a Sea Salt, a good organic garlic and a good 100% hickory wood, this is what makes up our natural flavor. Our jerky is a good, clean product!

From here – We step up with the same great base ingredients and we add a quarter inch crack pepper rather then the course fine grind you see on the commercial products and this makes our peppered flavored jerkies.

Our Lemon Pepper has the great lemony taste and consists of salt, black pepper, garlic and a lemon dry rub ingredient. I love this dry rub because you immediately gain the tart flavor of the lemon followed by the peppery balance.

Our Cajun Rub is a good cajun flavor that is bold. We use a good sea salt with a combination of red, white and black pepper. We add fresh garlic, some onion, mushroom and we top it off with the 100% hickory wood. So when you tear into our cajun you experience the authentic cajun bold fulness.