Thank you for choosing Wild West Jerky , the original Utah based jerky provider. We are proud to be USA produced and we pledge to bring you source-verified and locally-raised meats. 

Here at Wild West Jerky, we are committed to supporting our local ranchers and value our partnerships with local Utah ranchers and ranchers across the western United States. With a variety of different meats including Salmon, Beef, Elk, Pork and high quality game meat, our passion for quality jerky meat is present in the excellence of our products.

We utilize choice meats, not the tuff utility bulls and cows, like the jerky market is saturated with. We take pride in our manufacturing processes, we hand-strip our products. Our meats are medium thickness and our flavorings are dry-rub recipes.

And we woodsmoke all of our products with 100% hickory wood. We leave a little bit of moisture at the end of our cooks so our products and flavors will be enjoyed  rather than tasting like an old boot.Wild West Jerky

Have Questions? Please feel free to contact us via email or reach out to us with a phone call. We would love to hear from you.

Telephone: (801) 638-6880
Email: contact@wildwestjerky.com

Game processing services from Wild West Jerky, Utah’s trusted game processing service provider. If you are needing Game Processing Services in Utah, please feel free to contact us at the number above.

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