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    Our natural flavored turkey jerky delivers an opportunity for pork jerky lovers to taste the delicious flavors of natural turkey with their tasty snack.
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    2 pounds of delicious Wild West Jerky in a variety of meats and flavors. ON SALE NOW FOR $80.00. The Perfect Stocking Stuffer!!4 Natural Flavor jerky meats including elk jerky, buffalo jerky, beef jerky and venison and a combination of flavors and premium jerky meat. For full description of jerky meats and flavors see full description below.
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    Mesquite Turkey Jerky

    Get down on some Mesquite Turkey Jerky here at Wild West Jerky! Mesquite Jerky is an ol' favorite of the Wild West and Wild West Jerky's Turkey Jerky is the Best Mesquite Turkey Jerky in the West!

    Ingredients: Turkey, Sea Salt, Garlic, Natural mesquite spices, onion, mushroom, Wood Smoked 100 % Hickory

    When infusing our flavors we use the best ingredients  in our recipes & dry rub them in til they are delicious.

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    Wild West Cracked Pepper Turkey Jerky is best seller and a favorite of ours here at Wild West Jerky.
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    Honey BBQ Turkey Jerky

    Wild West Honey BBQ Turkey Jerky is a top seller here at Wild West Jerky. Currently on sale as part of our Back To School Jerky Sales here at Wild West Jerky, Honey BBQ Turkey Jerky gives that special drip of love in our sweet honey combined with the classic spirit of the Wild West captured in our bold BBQ flavor. Enjoy Wild West Jerky's Honey BBQ Jerky, on sale now.8 ounce Honey BBQ Turkey Jerky ON SALE NOW for $20.00 1 pound Honey BBQ Turkey Jerky ON SALE NOW for $40.00Or take advantage of 3.5 ounce pack for $11.25 and our 1.75 ounce package on sale for $6.75.
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    Teriyaki Turkey Jerky

    Teriyaki Turkey Jerky from Wild West Jerky. Offering the best in craft teriyaki flavors within our jerky dry rub recipe. This is a personal favorite and a best seller.

    Ingredients: Turkey, Orange blossom honey, pineapple, prune seed powder, coconut aminos, xylitol, stevia, ginger, sesame seed powder

    • High Quality Ingredients
    • Premium Locally Sourced Turkey Meat
  • Jalapeno Turkey Jerky

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    2 Pound Turkey Jerky Variety Pack from Wild West Jerky offers the most delicious turkey jerky in a variety of flavors produced with our dry rub recipes. The 2 Pound Jerky Special gives you local USA made quality jerky meats with a refreshing variety of flavors! ON SALE NOW FOR $74.00.
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    BBQ Turkey Jerky

    Delicious BBQ Turkey Jerky from Wild West Jerky offers premium jerky meat with our robust BBQ flavor. A popular seller here at our online jerky store, we recommend you take advantage of our amazing Summer Jerky Sale, taking place now. Right now, purchase a 1/2 Pound Bag of BBQ Jerky for only $20.00.FREE SHIPPING FOR ORDERS OVER $55.00.
  • Send your loved ones a care package while they are out serving their church or organization.1 – 2 ounce – Natural Flavored Elk Jerky 1 – 2 ounce – Lemon Peppered Flavored Venison Jerky 1 – 2 ounce – Mesquite Flavored Elk Jerky 1 – 2 ounce – Cracked Pepper Turkey Jerky 1 – 2 ounce – Honey BBQ Pork Jerky 1 – 2 ounce – Salmon Jerky 1 – 2 ounce – Teriyaki Flavored Beef Jerky 1 – 2 ounce – Cajun Flavored Buffalo Jerky
  • Our Lemon Pepper Jerky is my personal favorite. It is the perfect blend of summer and strength. Our Lemon Pepper has the great lemony taste and consists of salt, black pepper, garlic and a lemon dry rub ingredient. I love this dry rub because you immediately gain the tart flavor of the lemon followed by the peppery balance. Brighten up your day with this delicious jerky.