The ol’ Wild West just wouldn’t be the same without the Gamblin Man or dame for all we know. We lay this variety pack in with 2 pounds of delicious jerky. We selected a variety of our favorites to give you the luck needed by many and granted to the lucky! Wild West Jerky’s Gambler Jerky Variety Pack comes with 4 3.5 ounces of natural jerky with cuts of buffalo, elk, beef and turkey jerky. We layer in the kick, by offering 8 of our spicy jerky to keep you peppy at the table. 2 Cajun Elk Jerky (3.5 ounce), 2 Cajun Buffolo Jerky (3.5 ounce), 2 – 3.5 ounce Jalapeno Venison Jerky and 2 Jalapeno Pork Jerky (3.5 ounce also).