Nothing goes better together than summer and jerky! It’s healthy snack that’s loaded with protein and help to replenish the body after a hard day of working, camping, hiking, or conquering a face  of mountain.

Buffalo Jerky favorites

When’s the last time you had an awesome bag of Jalapeno Buffalo Jerky? What… Never?! Today is the day to embrace your boldness with our bag Jalapeno Buffalo Jerky and thank goodness it’s on SALE! So grab a friend and take a road trip to your favorite National Park or hiking trail! But before you do, here’s a list of Buffalo Jerky flavors! Mesquite, Natural Flavor, Peppered, Teriyaki, Cajun Style, Honey BBQ, Jalapeno, and Lemon Pepper.




Not Your Ordinary Beef Jerky

Here at Wild West Jerky we get our beef from local ranchers because we believe that’s the only way for a better tasting beef jerky. Plus,  we’re supporting local business and ranchers! So put down the junk food and grab a bag of our Wild West Beef Jerky and get outdoors!