Take advantage of our incredible jerky sales taking place here at Wild West Jerky for the month of April! We are dedicated our time to some events in Las Vegas and we have some Las Vegas themed jerky variety packs available as promotions for our loyal jerky lovers for their jerky journey.

Las Vegas Jerky Promotions

Las Vegas Nevada has always held a special place for us here at Wild West Jerky. With such a rich history of wild west exploration taking place in Nevada, it’s no wonder Las Vegas hold some of our finest Jerky Lovers. From the Las Vegas Strip to the rodeos, raceways and golf courses, Wild West Jerky has you covered for all fantastic things that go well with jerky.

Gambler’s Jerky Variety Pack

The ol’ Wild West just wouldn’t be the same without the Gamblin Man or dame for all we know. We lay this variety pack in with 2 pounds of delicious jerky. We selected a variety of our favorites to give you the luck needed by many and granted to the lucky! Wild West Jerky’s Gambler Jerky Variety Pack comes with 4 3.5 ounces of natural jerky with cuts of buffalo, elk, beef and turkey jerky. We layer in the kick, by offering 8 of our spicy jerky to keep you peppy at the table. 2 Cajun Elk Jerky (3.5 ounce), 2 Cajun Buffolo Jerky (3.5 ounce), 2 – 3.5 ounce Jalapeno Venison Jerky and 2 Jalapeno Pork Jerky (3.5 ounce also).