Back to School Jerky Sales are taking place all month long in September here at Wild West Jerky. September we will be having amazing sales on all our Wild West Turkey Jerky here at Wild West Jerky.

This includes sales on the following Back To School Turkey Jerky’s.

Wild West Jerky’s BBQ Turkey Jerky is made of premium jerky meat and seasoned with a robust BBQ flavor. And it’s on sales here at Wild West Jerky! Wild West Jerky BBQ Turkey Jerky is sure to ease you back from those summer nights around a fire to the smell of the leaves changing before your eyes.

Going back to school may be tough, but going back without Wild West Jerky may just be plain impossible. Hold onto summer this year and don’t go back to school without the jerky that remembers what summer’s about.

It’s hard to go back to school after such an amazing Summer, full of awesome Jerky Adventures! Though the season for fun in the sun always has to come to an end, the excitement of summer follows us all year long here at Wild West Jerky. through memories of the warm weather, beach, late nights, and the delicious summertime flavors. Stretch your summer this year with Wild West Jerky. Known for being a great snack for any adventure, Wild West Jerky is the perfect companion to bring back to school with you. The jerky is made with premium jerky meat and original tasty seasoning. Wild West Jerky is a must-have for all lunchboxes and dorm rooms alike.

Expanding out some more jerky sales here at Wild West Jerky in the end of August. Here at Wild West Jerky we are featuring our Teriyaki Elk Jerky. You can purchase a 1 pound bag of Elk Jerky right now on sale for $40.00. People are loving our Elk Jerky and we want to share the love with our friends and family on their jerky journey. We utilize premium cut elk meat and our full flavored Teriyaki sauce os the perfect combo. ELK JERKY SALE TURKEY JERKY SALES AND MORE! 

Let’s bring to attention our delicious Mesquite Buffalo Jerky, which is currently on sale as part of our Summer Jerky Sales. 1 Pound bag of Mesquite Buffalo Jerky is on sale now for $42.50.


Summer Jerky Sales


August Jerky Sales are currently available here at Wild West Jerky. Take advantage of our current sales created on August 15th, 2016. Starting with our sales on our Turkey Jerky!! We will have our Wild West BBQ Turkey Jerky on sale. Purchase a 1/2 pound of Wild West BBQ Turkey Jerky for only $20.00. That is an incredible deal for a delicious Turkey Jerky flavor.

Our additional Turkey Jerky Sales include our Mesquite Turkey Jerky and our Cracked Peppered Turkey Jerky! We also will be offering a Variety 1 pound Turkey Jerky package for only $40.00. This is just the greatest thing to come to Wild West Jerky since the Wild West was discovered!

We are all loving the jerky sales taking place at Wild West Jerky now. Our focus here at Wild West Jerky is on delivering a high quality premium jerky at the best value for our jerky friends and family. So, without further ado, let’s get down to the jerky sales for July 21st 2016!

We are introducing our 2 Pound Elk Jerky Variety Pack. This delicious elk jerky package is cut with 16 2 ounce packs of elk jerky in a variety of delicious elk jerky flavors.


Jerky sales on our premium jerky meat including elk jerky, buffalo jerky, beef jerky, smoked salmon, pork jerky and sales on our venison jerky meat. Our jerky sales are continuously changing and our current sales include a 1 pound bag of Elkeroni Elk snack sticks on sale now for $24.00

With Wild West Jerky Sales taking place all Summer long in 2016, costumers are offered extreme value for their jerky journey. Here are our current jerky sales for July 2016. We are currently offering our 2 Pound Jerky Variety Package for only $80.00.

With Wild West Jerky’s 2 Pound Jerky Special, customers are given local USA made quality jerky meats, 2 pounds of jerky in a variety of incredibly flavors for your jerky journey. We have included our top flavors such as Cracked Pepper, on sale now 1 Pound Buffalo Jerky for $42.00 Mesquite, Jalapeno and Natural Flavor.

More Summer Jerky Sales

Take advantage of our Summer Jerky Sales with jerky sales on a variety of our meats and flavors. The Summer Adventure Jerky Pack from Wild West Jerky offers adventure seekers a variety of jerky flavors and meats all bundled into a delicious Summer Adventure Jerky Pack.


UPDATED For April 2016 Some of the Jerky Sales offered below may have expired. Please review our most up to date jerky sales for the best offers available at the current time.

In 2016, Wild West Jerky is consistently focused on delivering promotions and sales on our favorite jerkies. Our mission is to give you more variety at the best bang for your buck to assist you on your jerky journey. Our Jerky Promotions are set to deliver the quality jerky with amazing deals when possible. We will be having great sales on our Buffalo Jerky starting on March 20th and extending into April!

We are celebrating a few different themes this March 2016. One of our themes is our focus on Las Vegas. In celebration of the races starting up in Las Vegas, we are offering a Racer’s Jerky Variety Package.

Explore Our Jerky Site and Enjoy Our Jerky Deals

We recommend you try out one of our Sampler Sales Jerky Packages for $40.00, sometimes we have sales on these bad boys as low as $35.00. Right now our Elk Jerky Promotion is going on! Receive a pound of elk jerky in a variety of flavors for only $38.00. This variety package of elk jerky is exactly what you are going to want if you love elk jerky and are wanting it in a variety of different flavors. These flavors include cajun, mesquite, jalapeno and of course our natural flavor plus a few other surprises. 8 different variety flavors in all!

Elk Jerky

Elk Jerky

It’s March 2016 and here at Wild West Jerky we will be featuring Elk all month long. We have a variety of sales going on with our Elk Jerky Favorites. Please check out these favorites from Wild West Jerky.

We have a variety of different packages for you to explore. Our Best In The West Jerky Package offers amazing flavor with tons of value right for you.

March 2016 Jerky Sales

Check back with us in March 2016 for our March Jerky Sales. For now, explore our site and enjoy our current jerky sales.

Best Jerky Sales For February 2016

February Elk Jerky Promotions! – During the week of February 22nd – 29th, Wild West Jerky will be featuring our Elk Jerky Favorites. These delicious promotions cannot be missed. We will have our Elk Jerky Variety Pack on sale for $35.00. That is a beautiful deal for a pound of Elk Jerky.

February was a great month for jerky promotions here at Wild West Jerky. We are excited to deliver quality jerky products for our customers and on our website, we deliver the best bang on our Wild West Jerky.

Right now we have a special going on for Valentine’s Day and President’s Day. In celebration, Wild West Jerky has created the Presidential Valentine’s Day Promotion. This bad boy delivers 2 pounds of quality jerky meat in a variety of different flavors. This includes elk, buffalo and beef jerky. It’s bold, it’s beautiful, just like the United States of America.

Wild West Jerky has a lot of great events coming up here at the end of February and the beginning of March. Las Vegas is on our mind.


Wild West Jerky is heating up with our delicious Summer Jerky Sales taking place all Summer long in 2016. This is the time to take advantage of our awesome prices! Anything we can do to assist our fellow Jerky Lovers on their #jerkyjourney! [/cs_text][cs_text]

Sizzlin’ Jerky Sales!!!

The sales begin with our 2 pound Summer Adventure Jerky Pack. This is the jerky pack to have for a variety of delicious jerky flavors to keep you healthy and strong on the mountain top. ON SALE for $80.00.


Jalapeno Flavored Buffalo Jerky is on sale now! Grab a 1 Pound bag of Jalapeno Buffalo Jerky for $42.00.

Mesquite Beef Jerky is on sale. Purchase a 1 pound bag of Mesquite Beef Jerky for $40.00 and a 1/2 pound bag of Mesquite Beef Jerky for $22.00[/cs_text][x_image type=”none” src=”” alt=”” link=”false” href=”#” title=”” target=”” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover” info_content=””][cs_text]

4th Of July Jerky Sales!

4th of July Jerky Sales are taking place now here at Wild West Jerky! Here are our 4th of July Jerky Packs designed to give you THE PREMIUM jerky bang for your buck!!


Enjoy our Lemon Pepper Elk Jerky, On Sale Now! Nothing says summer and the wild west quite like our Lemon Pepper Elk Jerky. Our 1 Pound bag of Lemon Pepper Elk Jerky is on sale for $40.00