Yes!! What you heard was true. We are having amazing Back to School Sales here at Wild West Jerky on our favorite Turkey Jerky products. For example. Our Honey BBQ Turkey Jerky is currently on sale here at Wild West Jerky. Enjoy our 1 pound Wild West Honey BBQ Turkey Jerky on sale now for $40.00 and our 1/2 pound Honey BBQ Turkey Jerky is on sale for $20.00. Let’s explore more below.

Back To School Sales on Turkey Jerky

It’s September and that means Back To School for lots of those who are on their Jerky Journey. Wild West Jerky has designed our Back To School Turkey Jerky Sales with you in mind. Our Honey BBQ Turkey Jerky is on sale as mentioned above. Also, another delicious deal I thought we should probably mention here is our Turkey Jerky Sale we are having on our 2 Pound Turkey Jerky Variety Pack.


Delicious Turkey Jerky from Wild West Jerky offers the best in turkey jerky sales so our jerky lovers can enjoy all the great sales and take advantage of our jerky sales on their jerky journey. Wild West Turkey Jerky gives you an all natural premium USA made turkey jerky. Our jerky is always tender and our flavors are always robust.

Wild West Jerky is the Best Jerky in the USA and our Turkey Jerky proves this!! We have the following turkey jerky on sale right now at Wild West Jerky. Our 1/2 Pound Mesquite Turkey Jerky is on sale right now at Wild West Jerky. This turkey jerky is one of our best sellers and it is perfect for the jerky journey.

Here are our current jerky sales taking place right now at Wild West Jerky.