Is Jerky Keto Friendly?

The Ketogenic (Keto) diet has continued to gain popularity in the last couple of decades as a way of transforming the body into a fat burning machine.

The Keto diet requires high protein and fat with very limited carbohydrates. By nature Jerky is a high protein snack with very little carbs. The things to watch for is the sugar content as well as jerky is typically very lean so it is best paired with a fat to most accurately fit the Keto diet. 

How to Spot Keto Friendly Jerky

Is Jerky Keto Friendly


It is important to read labels when purchasing jerky as a keto snack. If a lot of white sugar is being used, it is likely higher carb content then you would want. Look for either low sugar or natural sugars like honey or Stevia.

Most of the carbs in jerky comes from the sugar content. If you find jerky with little or no sugar there will normally not be very little if any carbs. This makes it easy to calculate your carb balance. 

Jerky is PACKED with protein. Jerky is meat that has been cut into thin strips and either smoked or dehydrated. Having meat as the main ingredient means lots of protein. If you find yourself needing more protein in your diet, jerky is a great snack that has a high concentration of protein. 

There are so many varieties of jerky all with differing amounts of fat. Typically jerky is lean and the more lean the easier, quicker to dry out the meat. If you chose a jerky that is particularly lean such as elk meat or turkey for example, you would want to pair it with some fat. If you are looking for a jerky with higher fat content then beef or pork jerky are a good option. 

Where to get Keto Friendly Jerky?

At Wild West Jerky we have grass fed beef packed with proteins and fats. Perfect for a ketogenic diet. We also use natural sugars such as honey or stevia to cut down on carbohydrates even more. We do not use harmful preservatives or fillers and everything is made in the United States in Utah.  

If you are looking for lean jerky to pair with other types of fat such as cheese or nuts. Try our Elk Jerky or our Turkey Jerky. We also have several other types of Jerky all with natural sugars, low carbs, fats and high protein. 


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