The Best Buffalo Jerky In The West

Our Buffalo Jerky here at Wild West Jerky is the best buffalo jerky in the West and is gaining a strong reputation as the best buffalo jerky in the world. Explore the delicious buffalo jerky flavors of Wild West Jerky.

Natural Flavor Buffalo Jerky

Our Natural Flavor Buffalo Jerky delivers the delicious taste of premium buffalo made locally in the USA. Purchase our WWJ Natural Flavor Buffalo Jerky online today and spend more then $55.00 to receive free shipping.

Explore the many varieties of flavors we have available in our Wild West Buffalo Jerky with and purchase our Wild West Jerky Buffalo Jerky Variety Pack.


Wild West Jerky is a top rated jerky MADE IN THE USA. Discover the delicious flavors of the Wild West with Wild West Buffalo Jerky.

Peppered Buffalo Flavors

Cracked Pepper

Sweet Pepper

Lemon Pepper

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